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BLUEPRINT OF HOPE? / Photography
Microplastics are contained in everyday items including in certain food and drinks which we consume daily. Teabags are one of those items. When we use a single teabag, 11.6 billion microplastics and 3.1 billion smaller nano-plastic particles leaches into the cup when we drink it (Journal of Environmental Science and Technology). The increase in plastic pollution in our marine has increased dramatically over the last several decades. In more recent years along with the increase of plastic pollution and a rise in climate temperatures has led to an increase of jellyfish populations. Now through an EU funded project scientists are now investigating ways in which the mucous from jellyfish can be harvested and used to gather microplastics before they even enter the world's oceans. Could this be a blueprint for a new solution to our microplastics problem and repairing our oceans?