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DARK SKIES / Publication

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A veil of light has slowly been creeping and blinding us to the beauty of the dark sky. In awe of our creations of artificial light we do not truly see. For without the darkness we cannot see the stars and the wonders of our universe.

In recent years, the number of visible stars in the sky has drastically reduced. I no longer see the same number of stars as I used to in the suburbs of Glasgow. According to recent research a third of the earth’s population can no longer see any stars at all. Research from NOIRlab in the USA has alarmingly predicted that a child born today in a location where 250 stars can be seen will only be able to see 100 by the time, they turn 18.1

This publication is a documentation of a journey to search for areas in Scotland that contain dark skies where there is little or no light pollution.

1 Tom Acres, Stars are disappearing before our eyes and faster than we thought, Sky News Online